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Are you afraid to even know your passion or to live your heartfelt dreams?

Conjunctio is the higher transformative union of unlike substances through spiritual alchemy, sometimes through what seems like fire or a process of seemingly unbearable force. In ancient times, the process shook out the dross from toxic metals like mercury and lead to create the precious compound called alchemical gold.

The Conjunctiodora employs creative techniques in guiding clients to discover the precious gold of the life each is meant to live. With several decades in the role of mentor and guide, and years of walking her own path of transformation, Denise brings her gifts of deep intuitive listening, intelligence, enthusiasm, humor and love, to every session.

The key is to help raise your awareness and accountability so you can work in alignment with who you are in all your complexity and with the richness of your heart. The Conjunctiodora helps you listen to the inspired self within that knows the way to your own life of freedom and enoughness. Together we can uncover the life of your calling and inspire you to take action from your vision.

Some of you will only want pieces and run with them. Others of you will want to go deeper and learn how to touch new levels of creative expression and leadership.

spiritual alchemy

This work of spiritual alchemy brings a deep healing of the splinters in our careers, our lifestyles and the calling of our beings. Each client comes with their own work of judgment, blame, fear and illusion and through the process of this alchemical container, the work is to neutralize those shadows and distill the preciousness of the life that awaits.

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