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You have a wonderful style that invited me into your material and
pushed me to get out of my comfort zone to reach my goal.
– M.H., Philadelphia, PA     

You are THE person who knows how to jumpstart my mojo and help me make connections I couldn’t see. My kids are enjoying having their Dad home for dinner and my wife confided she was thrilled to have her husband back.

- T.D., Chicago, IL

My experience with you was like a breath of fresh air. I love helping people and knew I would do that full time if I could discover a way to make it economically sustainable. You helped me put the wheels in motion and overcome a blindspot and mental block that had plagued me from really trying.

- B.R., Atlanta, GA

I am a big fan of your thoughts and have followed your work for a long time. In the field of human resources, where the human aspect should always come first (but usually is not), you have differentiated yourself from the rest of the pack. I appreciate your approach to issues dealing with the core of what we as individuals should strive for, namely balance, long term life goals, search for our bliss, etc – not simply money (part of the equation but not the whole equation). You made a difference in our team with your work.

- E.M., New York, NY

I will never forget the great help you offered me in sorting out my motivations as I was trying to determine the next direction for my career following the tech collapse that had left me stranded in a once promising role. It took a while, but I built a new career that has a tremendous social impact. Nothing in my life ever felt this good. It was worth the time and I appreciate your efforts to get me to pause and reflect when I needed it most.

– G.M., Denver, CO

We got very positive feedback from attendees, and had a really strong turnout, so our thanks for making possible a great event. It was refreshing to get specific guidance on how to implement the ellusive elements of “balance”. Now I've got to go catch up on those assignments you gave us!

- A.V., San Francisco, CA

My first session produced a rare “wow” reaction. Your points were on-target, concise, and compelling. I hope you don’t mind if I share them with others, both in and out of the financial industry. This was a helpful refresher for executives who understand the link between measurable results and personal reward. For others, it might be a useful tutorial and we should definitely get you in front of them again.

– D.J., New York, NY

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