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career development career transformation

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"
~ Mary Oliver      

Denise has always been an agent of change through her words and her actions.

In her first life as a lawyer, she created a dynamic, specialized boutique law firm capitalizing on her entrepreneurial skills as its principal visionary for a dozen years before retiring in her mid-thirties.

career development career transformation

After several years off (in a motorhome – ask her to tell you the stories!), she cultivated the unique talents of her clients as the relationship leader for a national executive recruiting firm. Her objective then, as now, was to teach others how to identify their greatest contributions – to their organizations and to their own lives. Now, she inspires audiences across North America with her stories and sage advice as an author, workshop leader and keynote presenter.

She is a catalyst and guide who uses her abilities so each participant identifies their own unique purpose, empowering each one to release the obstacles keeping them from living a whole, satisfying life. Her programs teach others how to align with their authentic purpose and values to make decisions and to create personal and business relationships that foster exceptional creativity, trustworthy communication and unassailable success.

Denise is an unrelenting advocate for sustainable personal and professional transformation. She always brings a river of powerful, original ideas and unconventional views through a no-nonsense, to the point, down–to–earth, and often hilarious delivery, that inspires even the most cynical. Attendees at her workshops say meeting Denise changed their lives.

She is the author of a widely read long-running blog on career transformation and has been featured in Mergers & Acquisitions Journal. She has received wide media recognition in such outlets as The Wall Street Journal,, Private Equity Insider, The Lipper Current, Buyouts Magazine and the ABA Journal.

As a speaker, Denise has shared her expertise and inspirational stories with diverse audiences including the Women’s Association of Venture and Equity, top business schools, the Family Motor Coach Association, Community Associations Institute, the Capital Roundtable and the American Bar Association.

Denise says: “I have found the greatest calling I can imagine — and some very big obligations I try never to forget: to those who welcome me into their lives and trust me with their stories, and to those who give up their hard-earned money and even more valuable time to read my work or attend my workshops. I cannot do what I do without them; their generosity is both amazing and humbling."